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The Triple-Tech Elastin Boost



Pro-Ageing Performed with ELEMIS

The Triple-Tech Elastin Boost


75 '

key benefits

Enhances facial structure by sculpting the contour and oval of the face
Promotes skin firmness for a more youthful appearance
Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother complexion
Provides overall rejuvenation to restore skin's vitality
Restores and maintains optimal moisture levels for a hydrated complexion
Boosts collagen production for improved skin elasticity and strength
Effectively resurfaces the upper layers of the epidermis for a renewed and revitalized skin surface.

Uses 90% less water than traditional facials

Techniques Included

Facial Drainage & Sculpting Massage
Eye Rejuvenating Massage
Hand & Arm Massage & Wrap

Technologies Used

Microcurrent Lifting
Oxygen Infusion
Ultrasonic Exfoliating Ceramic Spatula

best for

All Skin Types
Dull & Tired Complexion
All Ages
First Signs of Ageing
Before a special occasion
All Seasons Friendly
All Genders
Cruelty Free
Pregnancy Adjustable
All Seasons Friendly
All Genders
Cruelty Free
Pregnancy Adjustable

‘‘Savor the ultimate indulgence with our signature facial and elevate your experience with one of our exquisite Treatment Enhancements.
Choose the Enzymatic Neck & Décolleté Peel during the radiant summer months,
or opt for the Tri-Acid Peel for Neck & Décolleté in
the winter season, both designed to enhance your pro-ageing journey with our cutting-edge technologies. Immerse yourself in the opulent ambiance of our sanctuary and relish in the transformative power of our advanced treatments, tailored to elevate your skin to new heights of radiance and vitality.’’

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