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The Foot Massage with Eye Tech Massage



The Foot Massage with Eye Tech Massage


30 '

key benefits

Induces a heightened sense of tranquility
Alleviates discomfort in the heels
Fosters overall foot well-being
Enhances blood circulation for healthier feet
Acts as a preventive measure against foot injuries
Contributes to lowering blood pressure
Mitigates edema effectively during pregnancy

Uses 90% less water than traditional facials

Techniques Included

Relaxing Massage techniques
Focus massage on reflexology points

best for

Tired Feet
Fluid Retention on lower legs
Bad Circulation due to extensive standing or seating

"Step into a world of unparalleled relaxation with our extraordinary foot massage experience. Immerse yourself in the soothing touch that not only melts away stress from the foundation of your body but also addresses fluid retention and edema caused by poor circulation. Elevate your journey as we pamper your eyes with cutting-edge technology using Therabody Eye Goggles, enhancing focus and relaxation. Discover the epitome of foot massages - an experience beyond imagination!"

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