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The Double-Tech Calming & Anti-Redness



Pro-Ageing Performed with ELEMIS

The Double-Tech Calming & Anti-Redness


50 '

key benefits

Refines and smoothes the epidermis for a soft and even skin texture
Soothes irritation and redness to restore skin comfort and balance
Calms reactive skin for a healthier and more resilient complexion

Uses 90% less water than traditional facials

Techniques Included

Facial Drainage & Sculpting Massage
Hand & Arm Massage & Wrap or Head & Scalp Massage

Technologies Used

Oxygen Infusion
Red LED Light

best for

Dull & Tired Complexion
First Signs of Ageing
Sensitive Skin
Reactive Skin
All Seasons Friendly
Pregnancy Safe
All Genders
Cruelty Free
All Seasons Friendly
Pregnancy Safe
All Genders
Cruelty Free

‘‘This particular facial treatment serves as an excellent remedy for those seeking to rejuvenate and revitalize their skin after prolonged sun exposure, or as a regular facial option for those with sensitive skin or the chronic skin condition
of rosacea. Its unique blend of soothing and nourishing ingredients provides a gentle yet effective solution for reducing redness, inflammation, and irritation, while simultaneously promoting healthy and radiant-looking skin. Its restorative properties not only help to alleviate discomfort caused by skin sensitivity, but also
provide a rejuvenating and refreshing experience that leaves the skin feeling soft,
supple, and replenished.’’

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